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This mixed media painting has a raised 3D sculpted texture and bold, whimsical color scheme. Blended in are beautifully reflective metallic accents that further capture the texture. Created by Artshop student Sarah Geisert.

11x14 Framed Mixed Media Textured Abstract Painting

  • Creative 360’s Express Yourself Artshop provides opportunities for arts education to people of all ages and abilities including those with disabilities. An Inclusive program, everyone is welcome to join an Artshop class or workshop, especially if they prefer a more relaxed pace to create. Artshop is a safe and caring community of teachers, artists, students and staff that encourages and promotes each person’s self-expression through the arts.  If you would like more information about Artshop classes or products,  contact Artshop Program Coordinator Allise Noble by email or by calling (989) 837-1885.

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